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Spring 2019

Winter 2019

Fall 2018

Summer 2018

Fall 2017

  • Mixed News in 2018 MPFS Proposed Rule
  • Data Collection on Global Surgery
  • Attention Coders Preparing for the RCC Exam
  • October 1 Brings New and Revised Diagnosis Codes
  • Proposed OPPS Policies to Impact Hospitals
  • ICD-10-CM Guidelines Undergo Revisions for 2018

Winter 2017

  • 2017 Mammogram Coding Changes
  • Dialysis Circuit Procedures Get Simpler for 2017
  • Goodbye to Appendix G
  • Payment Reduction for Film X-Rays
  • Other 2017 Radiology Code Changes

Summer 2016

  • Coding Functional MRI
  • CMS to Modify PTP NCCI Indicator for Scoliosis Evaluation
  • CMS Issues MACRA Proposed Rule
  • NCCI to Delete Disputed Coding Edits
  • Ectopic and Molar Pregnancy
  • NCD Code Updates
  • Bone Mineral Density Studies

Spring 2016

  • 2015 Job Analysis; The Results are In!
  • Off-Campus Provider Based Departments
  • Updated ACR Lung Cancer Screening FAQs Clarify Who Can Perform Consultative Visits
  • CMS Administrator Credits Smooth Transition to Preparation and Planning
  • Coding Hemorrhage in Pregnancy

Winter 2016

  • CMS Issues Codes and Guidelines for LDCT Billing
  • Bone Mass Measurement
  • CMS’ ICD-10 Processing Statistics
  • 2016 Brings Changes to Skeletal X-Ray Coding
  • Bilateral Surgery Indicators for Breast Ultrasound Revised by CMS
  • New CT Scan Modifier
  • Tips for an Easy Recertification by CEU Process

Fall 2015

  • CMS Issues Transmittal on Tomosynthesis
  • CMS’ “Countdown to ICD-10” Resources
  • ICD-10 Impacts LCD and NCD Medicare Coverage Policies
  • CMS Issues New Policy on Code Specificity
  • New/Revised Place of Service Codes
  • ICD-10-CM Physician Documentation Improvement Training

Summer 2015

  • CPT 2016 Anticipated Code Changes
  • 2015 RCCB-Approved Continuing Education Courses
  • ICD-10 Codes for Mammograms
  • RCCB Welcomes Dr. Matthew Hawkins as ACR Liaison
  • CMS Reports 88 Percent Acceptance Rate in April’s ICD-10 End-to-End Testing
  • Update on LDCT Lung Cancer Screening
  • Claudia Murray Becomes RCCB Treasurer

Spring 2015

  • Reporting Neoplasms with ICD-10-CM
  • ACR Joins AMA and Other Medical Specialty Societies in Expressing Concerns to CMS about ICD-10 Implementation
  • CMS to Delete DBT/CAD Edit
  • Medicare Coverage – Medicare to Cover Lung Cancer Screening
  • Congressional Leaders Voice Support for ICD-10 Implementation This Year
  • Medicare to Cover Low-Dose CT for Lung Cancer Screening; ACR Issues FAQ

Winter 2015

  • Information on Coding, Value and Coverage for Tomosynthesis
  • Myelogram Billing in 2015
  • Meet the New Spinal Intervention Codes

Fall 2014

  • CMS Proposes MPFS Changes for 2015
  • 2015 Implementation Date Confirmed
  • CMS Issues Modifier 59 Guidance

Spring 2014

  • Coding Coronary Artery Disease in ICD-10-CM
  • USPSTF Recommends CT for Lung Cancer Screening
  • 2014 RCC Exam Tests General ICD-10 Knowledge