CE Sessions Accepted For RCC and RCCIR Recertification

Category 1 CME Programs
Educational programs in radiology coding, billing, terminology and regulatory compliance approved for Category 1 CME credit by the American Medical Association.

AMA/ACR Clinical Examples in Radiology provided by the AMA
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Clinical Examples in Radiology Online

American College of Radiology
Radiology Coding Source 6 issues per year, 1 CEU per issue, click here.
Subscribers should click on the CEU button listed on the current issue of the ACR Radiology Coding Source™ issue to learn more about how to obtain credit.

Medicare or Carrier Educational Programs
Educational programs in coding, billing, terminology and regulatory compliance that are offered by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), other federal agencies (such as the Office of Inspector General), or individual Medicare carriers. Please have the Medicare carrier session instructor complete the Carrier Session Form.

Private insurance carrier programs are not automatically accepted. Accepted sessions will appear under the Accepted Sessions sections of this page.

All Other Programs Approved by RCCB®

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