Study Resources

Sample Questions
See sample questions (complete with an answer key) on pages 14-15 of the Candidate Bulletin of Information. Please note that the difficulty of these sample questions may not be representative of the overall difficulty of the test.

The following are a list of references that may be helpful in reviewing for the test. This list is intended for use as a study aid only. The RCCB® does not intend to imply endorsement of these specific references, nor are the test questions necessarily taken from these sources. This list is intended as a study guide only, and should not be considered to be a comprehensive list of all sources. The RCCB® encourages all applicants to review commonly available resources that may not be listed here. Review of these materials does not guarantee success on the exam, and the regulations and other data referenced in this material may change and/or be updated. It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure information is complete.