Scheduling the Exam

RCCB is pleased to announce that it has vastly increased the available opportunities for coders to take the RCC or RCC-IR certification examinations.  Effective on June 3, 2019, candidates may take their test by appointment at any time throughout the year.   In addition, candidates taking the RCC or RCC-IR examination will now be provided with their results immediately following the exam.

New structure

There are two steps to registering for your test. First, submit your application with the appropriate fee to RCCB (see instructions/details on the form). After establishing your eligibility and approval of your application, you will receive an official "Authorization To Test" via email. This email contain login credentials for the Kryterion™ appointment website. Through this site, candidates schedule their appointment to take the examination and pay the appropriate USD testing fee (see the form for detail). Available dates and times vary by testing location.

After receiving the Authorization To Test (ATT), eligible candidates must take the exam within 6 months.  After 6 months, this authorization expires and an individual must reapply as a new applicant and pay the application fee again.

Candidates schedule their exam through ITPG, our testing service, and their partner Kryterion.  The RCC examination is administered at more than 1,000 Kryterion™ computer-based testing (CBT) facilities throughout the world. 

For questions regarding this process, please contact

RCC Examination

RCCIR Examination